LE Class Pages for All Programs

Here you can link to the latest news about what is happening in your child’s learning environment (LE).

The Arts & Physical Education – (All Campuses)

Art - Ms. Angeline Parkin-Milambiling, Ms. Olivia Posani, and Ms. Yanuary Navarro

Music - Mr. Peter Simms, Ms. Tasha Robinson, Ms. Nancy Clarke, Ms. Ursula Fortner

PE – Ms. Whitney Carter, Ms. Debbie Kotti, and Ms. Kathy Bixby

Elementary and Early Childhood – (Venice Campus)

LE 23 – Ms. Wilfreide Geletka and Ms. Kathy Schultz, Ms. Gail Jacquelin and Ms. Ivonne Almanza

LE 8 – Ms. Lucy Ferris and Ms. Kristin Comeau

LE 9 – Ms. Jennifer Campbell and Ms. Kristin Comeau

LE 10 – Ms. Kellie Loucks, Ms. Tammy Balser, and Ms. Joanna Dabrowski

LE 11 - Ms. Myrna Bonhomme and Dr. Shannon Kraska

LE 13 - Ms. Stephanie Welch and Ms. Kristin Calandra

LE 14 - Mr. Jason Hunter and Ms. Yayle Jacob

LE 15 - Ms. Elaine Palmore and Ms. Kristin Deree

LE 16 - Ms. Mini Fairchild and  Ms. Jill Wright

LE 17 - Ms. Fran Tulski and Ms. Mydahlia Glover

LE 18 - Ms. Monique Czaja and Ms. Lisa Finn

Upper School – (Venice Campus)

LE 01 - Ms. Michelle Daman and Ms. Candice Grant

LE 02 - Ms. Alison Rini and Ms. Stephanie Young

LE 03 - Ms. Lori Bayes and Ms. Mendy Hyatt-Hensley

Upper School – (Sarasota Campus)

LE 8 SRQ - Ms. Agnes Yu and Ms. Almu Anderson

Elementary and Early Childhood - (Sarasota Campus)

LE 1 SRQ – Ms. Martha Barrett and Ms. Richelle Rucker

LE 2 SRQ – Ms. Whelma Thompson, Ms. Lowell Myers, Ms. Maggie St. Laurent

LE 3 SRQ- Ms. Macla Evans, Ms. Kat Ricker, and Ms. Kristen Grannell

LE 4 SRQ – Ms. Yolanda Chona, Ms. Kim Spencer, and Ms. Sandra Goyette

LE 6 SRQ – Ms. Chris Schaefer, Ms. Pamela Paré, and Ms. Jessica Hickerson

LE 7 SRQ - Ms. Debbie Vale and Ms. Donna Turoff

Secondary Program – (Venice Campus)

Middle School Program – OpenIVMS

LE 19 - Ms. Erin Mahaney,  Mr. Matt Spence, and Ms. Kathy Nixon

LE 21 - Ms. Nancy Clarke and Ms. Lonna Chew

LE 20 - Ms. Lisa Currie and Ms. Kim Michiels

LE 22 - Ms. Misty Sirianni and Ms. Addie Summitt