Learning Environment (LE) and Program Pages

Here you can link to the latest news about what is happening in your child’s learning environment (LE). These pages can also be found through the Programs section of our Website.

The Arts & Physical Education – (All Campuses)

Visual Arts – Angeline Parkin-Milambiling,  Jill Wright, and Glenna Dame-Baker

Performing Arts – Jamie Marshall, Peter Simms, Tasha Robinson, Preston Boyd, Michelle Maulucci 

Physical Education – Michael Fingerle, Kathy Bixby, Nicole O’Brien

After School – Jan Pearman, Venice Campus; TBD, Sarasota Campus

Early Childhood Both Campuses

LE 1 SRQ – Chris Schaefer and Marcia Hemmings

LE 23 VEN –  Rebecca Brown, Kathy Schultz, and Dawn Esposito

Lower Elementary Both Campuses

LE 2 SRQ – Whelma Thompson, Lowell Myers, and Martha Barrett

LE 3 SRQ– Shannon Price, Lisa Stortstrom, and Kat Ricker

LE 4 SRQ – Monique Czaja, Kristen Grannell, and Macla Evans

LE 6 SRQ – Rebecca Johnson, Elizabeth Brock, and Selena Ackerland

LE 8 VEN – Tammy Balser and Lisa Calegero

LE 9 VEN – Brandie Flee and Joanna Dabrowski

LE 10 VEN – Kellie Loucks, Shaena Smith, Kristen Comeau, and Brittany Bianco

LE 11 VEN  Elaine Palmore and Lacey Bishop

LE 13 VEN – Fran Tulski and Elaine Woodmancy

LE 15 VEN – Sandra Goyette and Erika Berrones

LE 17 VEN – Mydahlia Glover and Cathy Baer

LE 18 VEN – Kristin Deree and Cara Jacobs

Upper Elementary Both Campuses

LE 7 SRQ – Debbie Vale and Donna Turoff

LE 8 SRQ – Almu Anderson and Emmaly Rogalski

LE 02 VEN –  Elizabeth Lynn  and Jeanne Koren

LE 03 VEN – Wendy Menzel and Yayle Jacob

LE 14 VEN – Mendy Hyatt-Hensley and Rachael Olmstead

LE 16 VEN – Myrna Bonhomme and Harper Perez-Bazan


Secondary Program (Venice Campus) – CLICK HERE!