Dress Code for 2016 – 17


ALL STUDENTS (other than 8th – 12th grade students) are expected to wear uniform shirts on the first day of school. These shirts should be solid in color. We have some gently used uniform shirts available.  Check with the office for more information on availability and size.


8th – 12th grade students are not required to wear a school shirt with an IVMS logo. All other aspects of the dress code still apply. These students may wear shirts (no tank tops) that are plain, striped, or contain patterns or designs. Shirts must not contain any promotional or commercial advertising or lettering of any kind other than “IVMS” and must be modest and in good repair. Small trademark logos (smaller than 2‐in diameter) are acceptable.

ALL OTHER STUDENTS (PK-7th) are required to wear a school uniform shirt each day. Shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets are available locally or through various online vendors. Information regarding uniform vendors is available by clicking here.

The following applies to ALL STUDENTS grades PreK‐12th
Shorts, capri, or pants should be appropriate for recess or outdoor play and not expose the midriff, sit too low on the hips, or be overly tight or revealing. Shorts will be no shorter than the tip of the longest finger with an extended arm at the side, regardless of whether leggings are being worn. Bermuda style is strongly suggested.
Dresses and skirts must be suitable for recess, outdoor play, and floor activities. Shorts MUST be worn underneath all dresses and skirts. Dresses & skirts will be no shorter than the tip of the longest finger with an extended arm at the side, regardless of whether leggings, shorts, or tights are being worn.
High‐heeled shoes, sandals of any kind, shoes with wheels, light‐up shoes, and Crocs are not allowed. This is for the safety of all of our students.
Spray perfumes, colognes, or other fragrant mists are not permitted at school.

     Appropriate Fit and Condition: 
All clothing must be in good condition, not revealing, and free from stains, writing, or other marks. No low‐cut pants or short shorts are allowed. Do not allow your child to wear tight shirts or low cut pants that expose the midriff or undergarments in any way. Skirts are acceptable ONLY if shorts are underneath. Shorts, skirts and skorts must extend below the student’s fingertips with shoulders in a relaxed position. 
Our students move about, sit on the floor, climb play equipment, run, play soccer and other sports. We do not wish for them to become embarrassed if clothing does not fit properly. Please help us by purchasing the correct clothing and supervising what your child wears to school. A student who wears an improperly fitted uniform or one in disrepair will be considered in violation of the dress code policy and will not be allowed to attend class until appropriate clothing can be acquired or repairs made.

Hair Styles: 
Distracting, unnatural hair color or style will be treated as a dress code violation. This includes colorful dyes and streaks, Mohawks, or other distracting hairstyles. Additionally, please do not allow your child to wear jewelry, body piercings, visible tattoos, or makeup that could be considered distracting to school. It is strongly recommended that any additional adornments be kept to a minimum, especially ones of value. The school is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

All outerwear must not contain any graphic commercial advertising or lettering (other than “IVMS”) but may include patterns or designs. For grade levels below 8th grade, school uniform shirts must be worn under any outerwear. In cooler weather, shirts may be double layered with patterns and designs on the undershirt that are not commercial in nature but the uniform shirt must be worn on top. Students will not be allowed to wear their outerwear/sweatshirt during outdoor activities on hot days due to potential health concerns.

Hats: Hats are not permitted to be worn inside. Any hat requirement for sun protection during outdoor activities must be plain or with the IVMS logo. If a student continually “forgets” to remove a hat once inside, the privilege will be revoked.

Backpacks and Bags

Backpacks, totes, or large handbags are NOT permitted on campus at any location and for any program. (Special exceptions for individual students may be granted on a case‐by‐case basis by an administrator only.) We have found that backpacks present a security risks for what is brought on campus as well as what can be removed from campus (including books that never return and other school items). At the elementary level, your child will be given a folder to take work back and forth from school.

At the elementary level, you child will be given a folder to take work back and forth from school.  Backpacks are a security risk in a number of ways. They also take up too much space in learning environments, contributing to unneeded clutter. Not having to manage backpacks greatly assists our staff to maintain a secure environment.